Batch Brew Coffee

batch brewing recipe for moccamaster

Batch brew coffee is simply an automated way of brewing your pour over. Super easy, consistent and very tasty. 


What you need for your batch brew

  1. Batch brewer (automated drip coffee maker). We love the Moccamaster for its precise temperature control and stunning colour range. However, there are many options and brands.

  2. Paper filter fitting the type of your automated coffee maker

  3. 500 ml of water

  4. 30 grams of freshly roasted coffee

  5. Scale

  6. Grinder

Best coffees for your batch brew

Filter coffees, which we roast to a lighter roast level, are a great way for you to explore different nuances in your cup. Batch brewing for example with the Moccamaster is well suited for using a lighter roast profile. You will experience a cleaner cup with a lighter mouthfeel which lets the coffee flavours and acidity shine.

For a richer and somewhat more comforting cup with more body and sweetness and less acidity, try our single-origin crowd-favourites for example from Fazenda Pinhal and Mantiquera de Minas in Brazil. We roast these coffees to a medium roast profile.


Batch brew instructions for humans

Step #1: Rinse your paper filter

Fold the paper filter at its seam and place it in the filter basket and rinse with hot water. Why? It eliminates any papery taste and helps the paper filter to fit snugly into the filter basket.

Step #2: Use freshly roasted coffee

For your batch brew coffee, use freshly roasted whole beans and grind them using a simple hand grinder or an automatic coffee grinder. Or simply order your freshly roasted coffee pre-ground by selecting the grind type option 'batch brew'.

Step #3: Weigh your coffee

Now, how much coffee do you need for making your batch brew? Well, this depends on how much coffee you want to brew and the capacity of your batch brewer. Start with 30 grams of coffee for brewing 500ml in your batch brewer. This equates to approximately 1 gram of coffee per 16.7ml of water or 6 grams per 100 ml of water.

Step #4: Grind your coffee

When choosing the right grind size for your batch brew coffee, start with medium grind size and adjust towards a coarser grind setting if you find the flow rate is too slow and the coffee a touch bitter. For larger batch brews increase the coarseness of your grind size.

Transfer the ground coffee into your rinsed paper filter. You want the coffee ground sitting nice and flat in the filter. Fit the filter basket and server to your batch brewer.

Step #6: Add water

Add 500ml of water into the water chamber of your batch brewer.

Step #5: Ready, steady, go

Switch on and get your breakfast toast ready in the meantime.

After about 3 – 4 minutes, enjoy your batch brew coffee.


Tips and tricks for your batch brew coffee

If your batch brew coffee tastes a bit week, try to increase the coffee amount. You can also try to grind your coffee touch finer.

If your batch brew tastes too strong, decrease the amount of coffee. Try also to grind also a bit coarser.

Should you experience some bitterness in your coffee, grind your coffee a touch coarser.

If your batch brew coffee lacks sweetness, choose a finer grind size.



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