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The better reusable cup.

KeepCup - The better reusable cup.

KeepCup Brew Range.

Take your coffee with you wherever you go in your KeepCup reusable coffee cup. KeepCup is the reusable coffee cup that pioneered the reuse revolution. 

Stand out from the crowd with the bright and bold colours of your KeepCup and make it uniquely yours. And for a lasting reusable coffee experience, the body of the KeepCup Brew range is made from tempered, durable glass. 

Designed for you to enjoy your coffee on the go.

Glass KeepCup, the reusable cup. Better for the planet.

Kind to the planet.

Why should you use a reusable glass coffee cup from KeepCup? By enjoying one daily cup of coffee in your KeepCup instead of a disposable cup, you save an estimated 18kg of CO2e, 331mj of energy, 1 kg of plastic and 8kg of timber over an entire year. (Source: KeepCup impact calculator) All KeepCup glass products contain around 25% recycled content. That’s good for you and good for the planet.

And there is more to love about KeepCup. These folks are an Australian company based in Melbourne and are a Certified B Corporation, just like us.

Get your reusable coffee cup and enjoy your coffee the better way.

KeepCup Brew Range.

KeepCup Sizes.

Choose the size of your reusable glass coffee cup to match your coffee habits:

  • Size XS: holds an internal volume of 177ml (6oz)
  • Size S: 227ml (8oz) – perfect for a small latte (similar to a latte glass in a cafe)
  • Size M: 340ml (12oz) – similar to a large mug and perfect for a regular latte