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Our popular espresso blends. Traceable and 100% tasty.

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Coffee Blends vs. Single Origins

Why do we then create coffee blends instead of offering straight single origins? Good question.

Well, think of it like a baking recipe. Instead of baking a straight chocolate brownie, you may want to balance its sweetness with some tartness and mix in raspberries. That's what we do when we create an espresso blend. We blend coffees that complement each other, considering sweetness, acidity, chocolate and/or fruity flavours, and a long aftertaste to give you a balanced blend. A stand-alone single origin coffee is unlikely to tick all the boxes. That's why we create coffee blends.

More than a catchy name.

The philosophy behind our Espresso Blends.

The philosophy behind our coffee blends is deeply connected to our values as a coffee roaster, a proud B-Corp and carbon neutral organisation.

Morning Glory Espresso Blend
Did you know more than 20 million smallholder farming families depend worldwide on coffee and produce most coffees? But being a small fish in a big pond isn't easy. That's why we've created our Morning Glory coffee blend to celebrate the fantastic coffees grown by millions of smallholder farming families worldwide.

Mrs Robinson Espresso Blend
We love to seek out amazing coffees directly from women coffee growers. because we know that together we are creating better opportunities. That's why we've created our Mrs Robinson Blend with coffee 100% sourced from female growers.

Organic Bees Knees
We recognise that each of us has a vital role to play in limiting climate change. Organic coffees due to its lighter carbon footprint is a great way to incorporate a good habit. That's why we are sourcing more and more organic coffees and created this tasty organic espresso blend. Yep, Bees Knees.

The body of coffee explained.

Fully traceable.

Simply better.

Our espresso blends are so tasty because we've opted to source only high-quality single-origin coffees that are fully traceable for our coffee blends. You can trace each coffee in our blends to its farm, coop or washing mill. We think that's simply better.