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    APAS, Flores em Acao

Improving coffee fermentation and coffee quality.

  • We are very privileged to have been the first roaster to have bought the coffees produced by the women coffee growers of the Flores em acao group of the APAS Cooperative in Mantequeira de Minas.

    Producing specialty coffees requires many skills from the producers’ perspective to improve and deliver the highest cup quality continuously. In particular, we have seen many new fermentation techniques emerging in recent years.

  • To gain more knowledge about fermentation basics, brix levels, carbonic maceration etc., 23 Degrees funded a 3-day fermentation course for the women of Flores em acao. The results are excellent. Seeing this group of women thriving and producing some of the finest coffees in Brazil makes us very proud.

    Try for yourself and taste the amazing coffees produced by women coffee growers. With the newly gained knowledge, Andressa, a young coffee farmer, had a stunning natural carbonic macerated coffee.