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Single origin coffee

Single origin explained.

What is a single origin coffee?

Single origin means these coffees are sourced from a single producer, single farm, region or washing station. Two essential things differentiate single origin coffees from blends: identifiable origin characters and traceability.

With a single origin coffee you can explore the unique flavour profile of a particular terroir, coffee varietal and processing method. In a world of coffee, there are incredibly weird and wonderful flavours to explore, and there is nothing better when you find your cup of coffee. A single origin, lets you explore this.

An increasingly important thing about single origins is that it is traceable to the farm, region, cooperative or washing station and its coffee varietal and processing method. That way, we can assure quality and traceability and that a fair price has been paid upstream of the coffee supply chain to the producer.

Single origin coffees.

Defining the taste of origins.

A coffee's origin defines its taste. The soil, elevation, climate, and the location within the coffee growing belt that spans around the world all create the flavours that is revealed in the cup.

Whilst even within a region, coffees can be incredibly diverse, there are certain flavour profiles you can expect when selecting a single origin coffee from a specific country.

  • African coffees

    • Burundi: Wonderful juicy berry flavours.
    • Ethiopia: Hugely diverse from citrus, to floral to wildly fruity flavours.
    • Kenya: Intense acidity. Syrupy blackcurrant profiles.
  • Asian coffees

    • India: Heavy body and low in acidity.
    • Indonesia: Earthy, spicy, licorice root profiles with little acidity. Heavy body.
    • PNG: Wonderful sweet, juicy and a great body.
  • South American coffees

    • Brazil: Chocolatey and nutty, sweet, smooth and creamy. Lower acidity.
    • Colombia: Diverse from chocolatey sweet to delightful juicy.
    • Peru: Heavy body. Sweet and soft.
  • Central American Coffees

    • Costa Rica: Lighter body. Clean and sweet.
    • Guatemala: Chocolatey, rich and sweet.
    • Honduras: Complex, brighter, juicy acidity.
    • Nicaragua: Complex with bright acidity.
    • Panama: Delicate cup. Citrus and floral flavours.