Combating climate change.

  • The impact of climate change is felt around the world. And sadly, many of our coffee farmers have been severely impacted by the change in weather patterns, such as the Peruvian Café Femenino coffee farmers in the Lambayeque region of Northern Peru. In this region, coffee farmers have seen a decrease in rainfall from 6 months to 4 months. This is particularly devastating at the time of the flowering of coffee.

    Together with our friends and amazing human beings from Ground for Change Coffee Roasters, we have funded the building of a water reservoir in the San Jose Huanama community in the Lambayeque region. Like so many rural communities in Northern Peru, it is one of severe poverty and heavily dependent on their income from coffee. Water is scarce, and water management is complex. Climate change has seriously affected the cultivation of both coffee and food. To get water for their crop, farming families have been distributing water through a system of channels by flooding. However, this method can cause soil erosion and under-utilisation of water resources.

  • With this project, we have funded to build of a small water reservoir that benefits farming families in San Jose Huanama and allows them to store their water quotas and install a sprinkler irrigation system. This project has made it possible to have enough water at the time of the flowering of the coffee and to achieve an increase in production and quality, as well as ensure water for the cultivation of vegetables, quinoa and kiwicha.

    The project has funded the materials, such as cement, pipes, plastic liners, sprinklers and hoses to construct the reservoirs, as well as an additional qualified workforce, transportation of materials and some technical advice.

    We are humbled and proud at the same time that we at 23 Degrees, here in Melbourne, could help make such a profound change for this Peruvian community. A big thank you to our local partner, the Cafe Femenino Foundation and especially Isabel Uriate Latorre for making this happing on the ground.

The making of the water reservoir.

Thanks to our local partner, the Cafe Femenino Foundation we received these amazing updates on the progress of the building of the water reservoir. We were humbled and blown away by the hands-on approach of the local community and how it all came together. Look at this challenging terrain.