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Brazil | Santo Antonio

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Mild & Smooth - Dark Chocolate - Nuts - Apricot

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One of the best Brazilian coffees you'll ever try.

This Brazilian, produced by our friends and coffee growers Pedro Gabarra and Joao Newton Teixeira, is a bit of a crowd-pleaser. Super smooth in the cup with comforting notes of dark chocolate and nuts. Its lower acidity makes it perfect for those seeking a milder cup that you can enjoy all day long.

We love everything this coffee stands for—the incredible humans behind it, its outstanding quality, and the farm's transition to carbon neutrality. Totally good.

Chocolatey Brazilian coffee flavour notes Wild & fruity
Mild acidity Brazilian coffee low acidity coffee Bright
Light roast Brazilian coffee medium roast coffee Dark roast
Coffee bag of Brazilian coffee by 23 Degrees Coffee Roasters. Mild and smooth coffee.
Coffee farmer Pedro Gaberra from Fazenda Pinhal

More amazing stuff to know

About this coffee.

  • Grower: Pedro Gabarra & Joao Newton, Santo Antonio
  • Origin: Brazil, Campo das Vertentes
  • Processing method: Natural
  • Varietal: Arabica (Yellow Topaz)
  • Altitude: 1140 MASL
  • Farmer certifications: Rainforest Alliance
  • Grower relationship: Since 2017

Brewing methods that work best for this coffee.

We apply a gentle roasting approach to this Brazilian to achieve a balanced medium roast level, bringing out the coffee's impressive sweet chocolate notes.

We love drinking Fazenda Pinhal as espresso (super creamy and smooth), batch brew (very satisfying caramel and choc notes), plunger, stovetop and AeroPress. Enjoy with or without milk. 

Try our brew recipe. Or create your own.


Dose: 22g
Yield: 44g
Extraction ratio: 1 : 2
Extraction time: 28 - 32 seconds
Water temperature: 93.5oC

About the recipe

We used the Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima and the Mythos MYG75 grinder to create this recipe for you. Try to replicate this recipe on your equipment or create your very own.

The dose is the amount of ground coffee that goes into the filter basket of your portafilter. Filter baskets come in different sizes. The size of your portafilter determines how much coffee (fill weight) it can hold. You don’t want to overfill or underfill the basket, as it will compromise the extraction.

The yield is how much delicious coffee you extract or, in order words, ends up in your cup.

And because you may have a different basket size than ours, you want to use a yield based on your dose and the given extraction ratio.

The extraction time tells you if the water has enough time to extract all the tasty goodness in the coffee. Adjusting your grind size will help you to achieve the suggested time in our recipe. You want to grind finer if you extract a yield in a shorter time. And grind coarser if you achieve the yield in a longer time than suggested.

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best Brazilian coffee beans from sustainable coffee farm

Delicious coffees and amazing humans.

Santo Antonio and Fazenda Pinhal

Joao Newton Teixeira and Pedro Gabarra are the dynamic father-son duo of fourth and fifth-generation coffee farmers in Brazil's southern Minas Gerais region. Today, they produce some of Brazil's best coffees on their Santo Antonio, Fazenda Pinhal, Vertentes, and Miranda coffee farms.  

Passion, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence are the hallmarks of Pedro and Joao. The family's unwavering commitment to producing high-quality specialty coffees for generations is a testament to their dedication and expertise. 

Today, many arabica varieties are cultivated on the farm, such as Acaia, Arara, Bourbon, Catigua, red Catuai, Yellow Catucai, Red Catucai, Yellow Icatu, Red Icatu, Red Mundo Novo, and Yellow Topaz, in their own nursery. We've been huge fans of the farm's natural processed coffees for years. 

Meet Pedro

“What is essential to us is the human relationship, mutual respect, and also respect for the nature, and most of all, our passion for coffee. For me and for my family, coffee was never only coffee. For me coffee is the same as passion. Coffee is life. Coffee is movement.” – says Pedro.

Well said Pedro!

Fazenda Pinhal - voted one of Brazilan's most sustainable coffee farms.

One of Brazil's most sustainable coffee farms.

Pedro and Joao have successfully implemented measures to mitigate the environmental impact of coffee farming and can proudly claim their coffee farms to be carbon-neutral. Brazilian legislation only legally requires the preservation of 20% of the land, but Fazenda Pinhal and Santo Antonio farms preserve more than 40% of their land. Since 2018, the farm has created an aviary on site for exotic birds rescued by Brazil’s border force, where they are rehabilitated and returned to their natural habitat on the farm’s nature reserve.

Bird aviary at Fazenda Pinhal

Project Wings.

Once trafficked birds fly again.

With the support of the Brazilian State Forest Institute and the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Resources, Pedro and his family have initiated the project ASAS ‘Área de Soltura de Animais Silvestres’ or project ‘Wings’. Under Project Wings, an aviary has been built to house and rehabilitate birds seized from bird smugglers before being released back to nature.

The project is led by Milu Gabarra, a passionate advocate for protecting wildlife and nature.

We applaud the family's progressive and sustainable approach to coffee farming, the environment and wildlife. And they also produce one of the best Brazilian coffee beans.