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Don't panic. It's organic.

organic coffee seedlings

Give it a go.

Discover organic coffee.

We’ve expanded our range of delicious organic coffee beans, sourced from certified organic coffee farms, so you can incorporate a good habit into your daily routine. Better for youbetter for our coffee farmers and better for the planet. And of course, 100% delicious.

Is organic coffee better for the planet? Absolutely. Organic farming uses organic fertilisers and agroforestry principles where native trees, scrubs and fruits trees are grown around coffee trees, storing carbon, protecting the local ecosystem and promoting a healthy soil. Healthy soil supports plant growth, including nutrient cycling, biological control of plant pests, and the regulation of water and air supply.

So, give it a go!

coffee seedling

A lighter carbon footprint.

Did you know that approximately 44% of a cup of coffee’s carbon footprint is generated at the farm level throughout the growing, harvesting and processing activities? Much of that footprint is due to synthetic fertilisers and pesticides in conventional coffee cultivations.

Moving from conventional coffees to organic coffees can reduce these emissions by one-third. That's why we buy 55% of our coffees grown at certified organic coffee farms or wild-grown. These coffees were cultivated without the use of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides.