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Filter | Colombia | Cauca | Women Growers' Coffee

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Creamy - Praline- Sweet Lemonade

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Totally moreish.

We love to seek out amazing coffees directly from women coffee growers. Not only do we get to share their incredible flavours with you, we know that together we are creating better opportunities for these talented women and their families. That’s why we are super excited to roast this Colombian from women growers of the ARGCAFE association.

This coffee delight is packed with creamy praline and sweet sparkling lemonade. Totally moreish.


Chocolatey Colombian women growers filter coffee flavour notes Wild & fruity
Mild acidity Colombian women growers filter coffee medium acidity coffee Bright
Light roast Colombian women growers light filter roast Dark roast
coffee bag of Colombian filter coffee. Roasted by 23 Degrees in Melbourne.
Colombian women coffee producer

More amazing stuff to know.

About this coffee.

  • Grower: ARGCAFE - Women Growers Program
  • Origin: Colombia, Cauca, Argelia
  • Processing method: Washed
  • Varietal: Arabica (Castillo)
  • Altitude: 1300 - 1500 MASL

Brewing methods that work best for this filter coffee.

suggested brewing methods filter coffee Colombia

We recommend drinking this Colombian filter coffee as V60 pour-over or batch brew for a cleaner cup with a lighter mouthfeel which lets the coffee flavours and acidity shine. If you are after a slightly bigger mouthfeel, try AeroPress (try a lighter brewing style recipe) or plunger brewing. This filter coffee is best enjoyed without milk.

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If you like brewing for espresso or stovetop, try our medium roast level of this delicious coffee.

Try our V60 brew recipe. Or create your own.

Brew Recipe for pour-over brewing with the Hario V60

  • Grind size: medium to medium-fine
  • V60 size: 2-cup
  • Coffee dose: 15.6g
  • Brew water: 250ml
  • Water temperature: 94oC
  • Extraction time: approx. 3min

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Colombian coffee produced by women coffee growers

Women Growers Program - ARGCAFE

This super tasty Colombian coffee has been produced by women’s coffee growers’ of the ARGCAFEE ‘Association de Transformadores y Comercializadores de Cafe Especiales de Argelia Cauca’ located in Agelia, Colombia's Cauca region.

Seventeen smallholder farmers joined forces and founded the association in 2014 to better access markets for their coffees. ARGCAFEE now has 230 members, amongst them many women.

ARGCAFEE is part of an international women's Coffee Producer project by our partner Café Imports that attempts to recognise and promote the work women do growing and producing coffee worldwide. The program aims to address the widespread wage inequity that women experience by adding a gender-equity premium on top of a base price. This premium is paid directly to the growers.

Our social projects

We create opportunities.

We know, that together we are creating better opportunities for women and their families. That’s why we source 40% of our coffees directly from women's coffee growers. And we reinvest funds in social projects that create a profound change in our coffee growing communities. and fund projects that advance women.

Our social projects