We are Coffee Roasters in Melbourne

Seriously good coffee you'll love.

As specialty coffee roasters, we love crafting a beautiful cup of coffee, connecting people and sharing stories. We demystify the world of specialty coffee and making it more approachable for everyone – from the coffee novice to the self-declared coffee enthusiast. We want you to have fun exploring and discovering your cup of ‘tea’ – oops coffee that is! And for the days when life sucks, we make sure your coffee never does.

We source and roast the best coffee beans from around the world. All coffees are freshly roasted in small batches in Melbourne. Our approach to roasting is to fully develop all flavours, with the aim to highlight what makes a coffee unique. We let the coffee shine and aim to surprise you with an impressive brew.

We walk the talk and go the extra mile.

We challenge ourselves daily to find new and more meaningful ways of doing business. As such we are proud of the authentic relationships, we have with our remarkable coffee growers – many of whom we call friends. And yes, that means going the extra mile, visiting the coffee farms and walking side by side in turbulent times too. For that, we don’t switch and swap our coffees and relationships. We grow together with our partners, and do better together. This loyalty extends to all the remarkable individuals and businesses along our coffee supply chain which help to bring truly impressive coffees to you, our customers – from seed to sip.

And, we believe small business is beautiful and it is what keeps us agile and on course. That's why we cherish working with and supporting local businesses and independent retailers.

We play fair and proud of it.

Playing fair is an action term. We work hard to give our talented smallholder coffee farmers, women coffee growers and independent family farms, a fairer share of a cup of coffee. For us this means buying coffees at fair and ethical prices, sourcing 40% of our coffees from women coffee growers and re-investing funds and our time into social projects. This helps our coffee farmers to keep growing those tasty beans we love to roast and you love to drink. This is good for the farmer and it is good for you.

We are a better business.

In 2018, we became one of only a few Certified B Corp coffee roasters in Australia. Why did we choose to become a B Corp? Simple. We wanted to be measured by our actions.

Being a B-Corp challenges us every day to be mindful of the impact our business decisions – if big or small – have on our coffee growing communities, our partners along the coffee supply chain, our people, you (our customers) and the environment.

B = Better business!

We have taken action and are carbon neutral.

We are proud to say that we are Climate Active Carbon Neutral certified. We have made choices and changes in the way we do business to ensure our carbon emissions are equal to net zero. This means we have taken action to reduce and remove as much carbon from the atmosphere as our organisation puts into it.

We are local coffee roasters here in Melbourne.

We are local coffee roasters with our roastery located in Cheltenham in Melbourne’s Southeast. We love connecting with our local community and love sharing our knowledge and passion for coffee with you. And yes, we absolutely go the extra mile to get you the best coffee and deliver exceptional customer service!

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