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PNG | Simbu Highlands

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Syrupy - Plum - Red Apple - Chocolate

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A delicious all-rounder.

PNG is blessed with some of the world’s best coffee growing conditions. High altitude, tropical forests and traditional farming methods result in this delight, grown by tenacious smallholder farmers in the remote and rugged PNG highlands around Mt Elimbari. We source this delicious all-rounder through Kongo Coffee, an indigenous mill, ensuring supply chain transparency throughout. Totally heavenly.

These PNG beans are packed with yummy milk chocolate, sweet maple syrup, plum and red apple notes.

Chocolatey PNG coffee flavour notes Wild & fruity
Mild acidity PNG coffee medium acidity coffee Bright
Light roast “PNG Dark roast
PNG coffee produced by smallholder coffee farmers in the Simbu Highlands. Roasted by 23 Degrees Coffee Roasters.
coffee PNG highlands Photo by Vasti Woest

More amazing stuff to know.

About this PNG coffee.

  • Grower: Smallholder Farmers
  • Dry mill: Kongo Koffee
  • Origin: PNG, Simbu Highlands
  • Processing method: Washed
  • Varietal: Arabica
  • Altitude: >1600 MASL
  • Habitat: Shade-grown
  • Grower relationship: Since 2019

Brewing methods that work best for this coffee.

suggested brewing methods for PNG coffee

The PNG coffee beans are excellent for an espresso-based beverage. We also love brewing this PNG coffee for stovetop and AeroPress. Also super delicious when brewed for batch-brew and plunger. Enjoy with or without milk. 

Try our brew recipe or create your own

Dose: 22g
Yield: 44g
Extraction ratio: 1 : 2
Extraction time: 28 – 32 seconds
Water temperature: 93oC

About the recipe

We used the Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima and the Mythos MYG75 grinder to create this recipe for you. Try to replicate this recipe on your equipment or create your very own.

The dose is the amount of ground coffee that goes into the filter basket of your portafilter. Filter baskets come in different sizes. The size of your portafilter determines how much coffee (fill weight) it can hold. You don’t want to overfill or underfill the basket, as it will compromise the extraction.

The yield is how much delicious coffee you extract or, in order words, ends up in your cup.

And because you may have a different basket size than ours, you want to use a yield based on your dose and the given extraction ratio.

The extraction time tells you if the water has enough time to extract all the tasty goodness in the coffee. Adjusting your grind size will help you to achieve the suggested time in our recipe. You want to grind finer if you extract a yield in a shorter time. And grind coarser if you achieve the yield in a longer time than suggested.

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some of the finest PNG coffees from smallholder farmers in Simbu

Simbu Highlands

Smallholder farmers

This super delicious coffee from PNG originates from smallholder farmers in the Simbu province located in the rugged Highlands, home to traditional tribes living in remote villages without access to electricity, where schools and medical services can only be reached by foot – many hours away. Most of Simbu’s population depends on subsistence farming, and coffee plays a vital role as it is usually the only cash crop for families.

The Simbu Highlands produce some of the finest smallholder coffee Papua New Guinea has to offer. Typically, families have planted their land with fresh coffee, growing between 5 to 15 bags of coffee cherries annually. Harvesting season is between May and August when the coffee cherries are picked. Most smallholder growers process their cherries to parchment coffee before selling it to the local mill for hulling, screening and exporting.

Simbu highlands produces some of the best coffees PNG has to offer.

Dry-mill and exporter

Kongo Coffee

Smallholder farmers of the Simbu Highlands sell their parchment coffee to Kongo Coffee, an indigenously owned coffee supplier out of Papua New Guinea. Located in a valley surrounded by majestic mountain vistas, including the renowned Mt Elimbari, Kongo Coffees dry mill facilities are well-established, ensuring the quality of the PNG coffee. In a country with little infrastructure and remote villages, not an easy task.

Kongo coffee then dries, hulls, sorts and packs these coffees for export.

PNG festival - photo by Vasti Woest

We play fair and walk the talk.

Playing fair is an action term. We work hard to give our talented smallholder coffee farmers, women coffee growers and independent family farms a fairer share of a cup of coffee. For us, this means buying coffee at fair and ethical prices.
This helps our coffee farmers to keep growing those tasty beans we love to roast and you love to drink. This is good for the farmer, and it is good for you.