Brewing Methods - Filter Brazil Marcia

suggested brewing methods for this filter coffee

Lighter roasted coffee beans accentuate the coffee’s quality and intrinsic sensory profile. In particular, natural-processed coffees can display an incredibly diverse range of fruit notes. That’s because after the coffee cherries have been harvested, they are left intact and spread out to dry in the sun. That allows the beans inside the coffee cherries to draw in all those yummy fruit flavours and sweetness from the surrounding fruit flesh.

We roast our filter coffees for a shorter time, which makes them less porous than coffee roasted to a darker roast level. This means the coffee’s solubles, the tasty bits, extract more slowly and are best suited to slower extraction methods.

We recommend drinking this Brazilian filter coffee as V60 pour-over or batch brew for a cleaner cup with a lighter mouthfeel which lets the coffee flavours and acidity shine. If you are after a bigger mouthfeel, try plunger brewing.

This filter coffee is best enjoyed without milk.

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If you like brewing for espresso or stovetop, try our medium roast level of this delicious coffee.