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Brazil | Marcia de Jesus Souza Borges

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Sweet & Velvety - Toffee - Dates - Pecan

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One of our favourite coffees.

This coffee is hands down one of our favourites. Produced by our friend and coffee grower, Marcia.

We started working with the women of the APAS association in 2018 and have never looked back. Under the Flores em Acao project, women coffee producers showcase their amazing coffees. Marcia is one of the project’s founding members. Every year we have seen her coffee improve and think this one is her best one yet. Totally delicious.

Enjoy a sweet, velvety cup with delicious toffee, dates and pecan notes.

Chocolatey Women coffee growers Brazil fruity flavour notes Wild & fruity
Mild acidity Women coffee growers Brazil medium acidity Bright
Light roast Women coffee growers Brazil medium roast coffee Dark roast
Brazilian coffee produced by women coffee growers, roasted by 23 Degrees Coffee Roasters. Sweet and velvety coffee.
Marcia - women coffee grower from Mantiqueira de Minas.

More amazing stuff to know.

About this coffee.

  • Grower: Marcia de Jesus Souza Borges / Sitio Nossa Senhora Aparecida
  • Origin: Brazil, Mantiqueira de Minas
  • Processing method: Natural
  • Varietal: Arabica (Yellow Catucai)
  • Altitude: 1280 MASL
  • Grower relationship: Since 2018

Brewing methods that work best for this coffee.

suggested brewing methods for this delicious Brazilian coffee grown by women coffee growers

We roast this coffee to a medium roast level, a touch on the lighter side of medium to let the stone fruits shine whilst bringing out the incredible sweetness of the coffee.

The roast level and sensory profile make this coffee super versatile to drink. Perfect for espresso, stovetop and AeroPress or for pour-over, batch brew and plunger coffee brewing.

Try our brew recipe. Or create your own.


Dose: 22g
Yield: 44g
Extraction ratio: 1 : 2
Extraction time: 28 - 32 seconds
Water temperature: 93.5oC

About the recipe

We used the Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima and the Mythos MYG75 grinder to create this recipe for you. Try to replicate this recipe on your equipment or create your very own.

The dose is the amount of ground coffee that goes into the filter basket of your portafilter. Filter baskets come in different sizes. The size of your portafilter determines how much coffee (fill weight) it can hold. You don’t want to overfill or underfill the basket, as it will compromise the extraction.

The yield is how much delicious coffee you extract or, in order words, ends up in your cup.

And because you may have a different basket size than ours, you want to use a yield based on your dose and the given extraction ratio.

The extraction time tells you if the water has enough time to extract all the tasty goodness in the coffee. Adjusting your grind size will help you to achieve the suggested time in our recipe. You want to grind finer if you extract a yield in a shorter time. And grind coarser if you achieve the yield in a longer time than suggested.

Join our training courses.

Want to learn more about how to extract a tasty espresso? Join us for a fun and hands-on coffee course at our roastery.

Marcia, women coffee grower, in Brazil Mantiqueira de Minas.


Meet Marcia

Marcia is one of the founding coffee growers of the project Flores em acao which sees women coffee producers of the APAS coffee association come together to produce outstanding coffees.

Marcia is the Brazilian version of a little trooper and is always up for a good challenge. True to this, she won a competition for the fastest coffee picker in Minas Gerais, Brazilian’s largest coffee-producing state. Unbelievably she harvested with a hand-rake 108 kilos of coffee cherries in 30 minutes!

Through hard work and a ‘never give up’ attitude Márcia and her husband established a beautiful 4 ha coffee farm and a warm family home. All coffees on the farm are harvested by hand. Márcia says: ‘Working with coffee gives us days of disappointment when coffee prices are low, and we must be artists to keep our expenses at bay. But it also provides days of happiness, especially when we produce quality coffees that are recognised, making an effort worthwhile for my family and me.’

Mantiqueira de Minas is one of Brazil's most awarded coffee growing regions.

Awarded Brazilian coffee region.

Mantiqueira de Minas

Marcia's coffee farm is located in the Mantiqueira de Minas region. The region is home to many smallholder coffee-farming families. It is one of the most awarded regions in Brazil due to its natural beauty, pleasant climate, fertile soils, and tradition of producing specialty coffees with surprisingly diverse sensory profiles.

Coffee Fermentation workshop sponsored by 23 Degrees Coffee Roasters for women coffee growers in Brazil.

We help our farmers to grow.

Coffee Fermentation Workshop.

​Producing specialty coffees requires many skills from the producers’ perspective to continuously improve and deliver the highest cup quality. In particular, many new fermentation techniques have emerged in recent years.

To gain more knowledge about fermentation basics, brix levels, carbonic maceration etc., 23 Degrees funded a 3-day fermentation course for the women of Flores em acao. The results are excellent. Seeing this group of women thriving and producing some of the finest coffees in Brazil makes us very proud.

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