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Coffee Press | Bodum | 1 Litre

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Brewing with a coffee press (also referred to as French Press or Plunger) is one of the world’s most favourite brewing methods. It is easy and you don’t need a paper filter. The Bodum coffee press uses a reusable stainless steel filter that extracts all the great flavours from your coffee grounds while leaving the least amount of sediment in your cup.

When using a Coffee Press, the grounds are submerged for a few minutes in hot water. This is called immersion brewing. You can easily alter the intensity of your plunger coffee by shortening or lengthening the immersion time and the amount of coffee you are adding for a given amount of water.

Coffee plunger size

Bodum 1000ml coffee press: brewing capacity of 900ml = coffee for 3 to 4 large coffee mugs

How to use a coffee press.

Making your French Press coffee super easy. And here is how it goes:


  1. Remove the plunger unit from the glass pot.
  2. Fill the glass pot with 60g of coarsely ground coffee.
  3. Add hot water at a temperature of between 92 – 94oC to the coffee ground (just take the water off the boil and let it sit for a minute before brewing). Fill the water to the silver ring encasing the glass (ca. 2cm from the top), which is about 900ml. Now stir your brew.
    If you prefer a stronger brew, use more coffee for the same volume of water, for example, 70g of ground coffee for 900ml of water.
  4. Insert the plunger unit back into the pot. Make sure you turn the lid so that the pour spout opening is closed. Now let the coffee steep in the coffee plunger for about 3 – 4 minutes. For less intensity, choose a shorter steeping time.
  5. Slowly lower the plunger straight down the pot applying slight pressure.
  6. Turn the lid to the open position of the pour spout. Now - pour, sip and smile.
coffee press for plunger coffee brewing