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Sweet & Smooth - Caramel - Orange Fudge


Chocolatey chocolatey peruvian coffee beans Wild & fruity
Mild acidity low acidity coffee Bright acidity
Light roast medium to dark roasted coffee Dark roast
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Why you'll love this Peruvian Coffee

Looking for a super delicious coffee with an impact? You've found it!

Enjoy yummy sweet caramel and orange fudge notes with a milder acidity in the cup.

Grower cooperative: Café Femenino, CECANOR
Origin: Peru, Lambayeque
Processing method: Washed
Habitat: Shade-grown
Varietal: Mixed Arabica
Altitude: 1200 - 2000 MASL
Farmer certifications: Certified Organic
Fairtrade coffee
Grower relationship: Since 2018


We roasted this single-origin coffee to a medium roast level, focussing on the sweetness and caramel notes of the coffee.

Perfect for brewing at home for espressostovetop, batch brew, AeroPress and plunger coffee. Enjoy with or without milk.

Discover the inspiring Cafe Femenino story

This delicious organic specialty coffee is produced by women coffee growers in remote communities of Northern Peru. All coffee is shade-grown at high altitudes along steep slopes amongst bananas, mangos, cocoa and avocado trees naturally maintaining healthy soil and habitat.

Under the Café Femenino Program, which started in 2004 in Peru, women coffee growers harvest and sell their own coffee. The positive impact of this program has been hugely felt. The wellbeing, health and nutrition of families and communities has noticeably improved, and women are increasingly recognised for their contribution. An integral part of the program is the work of its Foundation, which supports social and environmental projects amongst its coffee-growing communities.

Ethical coffee prices

One of the reasons why the Cafe Femenino Program is hugely successful is the ethical coffee prices that are paid to farmers under the program. What do we mean by ethical coffee prices?

All Café Femenino coffee is specialty coffee and carries Fairtrade and Organic Certifications. As such coffee sold under the program attract prices that are made up of:

  1. the Fairtrade price (if that falls below the commodity price for coffee),
  2. the Fairtrade premium,
  3. a premium for organic certified coffee,
  4. a Café Femenino program premium, and
  5. a premium for the quality of the coffee.

Our sponsored projects

We, at 23 Degrees, are proud not only to procure coffees through this ethical and fair sourcing model but also to support social projects through the Cafe Femenino Foundation. We fully funded a Medical Emergency Fund which provides first aid training and crucial medical expenses for women coffee growers and their families. And together with our coffee roaster friends and B Corp fellows at Grounds for Change we funded the construction of a water reservoir helping coffee-farming families of the San Jose Huanama community in the Lambayeque region to combat the effects of climate change. A heartfelt THANK YOU to all our amazing customers for making this possible.

Learn how Café Femenino is making a difference in our blog.


When sourcing our coffees, we not only select the best coffees based on the unique tasting profiles, but we are also conscious of the coffee’s environmental impact. This means considering the coffees’ cultivation, harvesting and any processing undertaken at the farm.

This coffee originates from certified organic farms of our Cafe Femenino coffee growers and has arrived on Australian shores as organic certified coffee. Organic certified coffees require our farmers to have followed strict protocols in the cultivation process and not to have used any synthetic fertilisers or harmful pesticides. That’s good for you, good for the farmer and kind to the planet. Learn more about organic coffee and organic coffee farming.

Loving organic coffees? Explore our range of organic coffee beans and incorporate a little sustainable habit into your daily life. And of course, 100% delicious.

A beautiful coffee with a huge story to tell. We are convinced you’ll love this one.

This coffee makes a great gift. Gift a Home Barista gift box and share your favourite coffee with friends and family.

Happy brewing!

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