Roast Level

Which one is for you? Well, that depends on what you are after in your brew.

The rule of thumb - the darker the roast level, the lower its acidity and sweetness, the fewer its inherent characteristics and the higher its bitterness. The lighter the roast the brighter its acidity and the more pronounced the coffee bean's original flavours. Here is what you can expect:

Light :

Light body
Notes of seeds, malt, grain, frass, corn

Medium Light:

Bright acidity, more complexity, clear origin character
Notes of fruits, nuts spice, brown sugar

Medium :

Balanced acidity and sweetness, full body, clear origin character
Notes of caramel, honey, brown butter, cooked fruit, darker spices

Medium Dark :

Emerging bittersweetness, slightly muted acidity, potential for heavy body
Notes of tobacco, vanilla, bourbon, porter beer, smoked fruit

Dark :

Prominent bittersweetness, muted acidity, light body
Notes of burnt tobacco, very dark cocoa, bitter black tea, very dark toast

Source: Jessica Easto, the author of “craft coffee: A manual”