We make coffee better. Our social and environmental impact.

  • Social Projects

    Over the past two years, we’ve strengthened our support of the Café Femenino Foundation and our commitments to advance women coffee grower and their families and communities in Peru. As such, we fully funded a Medical Emergency Fund and co-funded the construction of a water reservoir.

  • children of the Café Femenino coffee growing communities
  • Women Growers Coffee

    We purchased 40% of coffee from women coffee growers, creating equal opportunities and income for women. (FY20/21)

  • sourcing of women growers coffee
  • Ethical Coffee Prices

    We measured 94% of our FOB prices and paid an average premium of 31% above Fairtrade prices plus Fairtrade premiums to our coffee farmers. (FY20/21)

  • direct relationships to our coffee farmers and ethical prices
  • Organic Coffees

    55% of our coffees originated from certified organic coffees farms or were wild-grown. These coffees were cultivated without the use of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides. (FY20/21)

  • commitment to organic coffee
  • Carbon Neutral

    We are proud to say that 23 Degrees is Climate Active Carbon Neutral certified. We have made choices and changes in the way we do business to ensure our carbon emissions are equal to net zero.

  • reducing carbon footprint of the coffee supply chain
  • Waste

    We continue to treat waste as a resource. 99% of our end of the lifecycle waste is compostable, recyclable or reusable. (FY 20/21)

  • reducing waste and preserving natural resources
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