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Rhino Pro Milk Frothing Jug - 600ml (20oz)

Milk Jug


Milk steaming and latte art can be challenging, especially when you first start. The stainless steel milk frothing jug from Rhino just made your journey on mastering these skills a bit easier. The milk pitcher is made of 1 mm thick commercial-grade stainless steel and comes with a precision latte art spout.

The volume measurements etched into the interior of the pitcher help you to pour the correct volume of milk or plant-based milk alternative for your favourite brew into the milk jug. That reduces food waste and is great for the hip pocket too.


Most milk frothing jugs come in two sizes, 360ml (12oz) and 600ml (20oz). Note, these measurements refer to the full internal volume of the milk pitcher.

- 360ml jug: perfect for steaming and frothing milk for one cup

- 600ml jug: perfect for steaming and frothing milk for two cups

As a general rule of thumb, fill your pitcher half full with the milk or plant-based milk alternative before steaming. This allows sufficient space for the milk to stretch. If the milk jug is too full, the milk will overflow. Equally, you don’t want to underfill your milk jug either as you might find yourself struggling to get the milk to spin.


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