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Decaf Coffee Beans + Organic | Mexico

Smooth - Sweet Toffee - Soft Orange


Chocolatey chocolatey decaf Wild & fruity
Mild acidity medium acidity decaf coffee beans Bright acidity
Light roast medium roast decaffeinated coffee Dark roast
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Why you’ll love this organic decaf coffee

Discover how great coffee without caffeine can taste! For those of you who can’t have caffeine or simply want to limit their caffeine intake, a decaf is an excellent way to enjoy a coffee without the side effects of too much caffeine. So, we were on a mission to find decaf coffee beans that defy the stigma surrounding decaffeinated coffees. And we believe, and so do our decaf followers, we’ve crafted a super tasty decaf. Yes, that’s right. Tasty! We are convinced that our organic Swiss Water Process decaf from Mexico will indeed excite your taste buds.

This coffee is super sweet - think toffee. It has a beautiful soft orange acidity and a creamy body.

Origin: Mexico
Decaffeination process  Swiss Water Process
Processing method: Washed
Farm certifications: Certified Organic
Varietal: Arabica
Altitude: >1200, high-grown

What makes our decaf so tasty

Quality coffee beans

Decaf is coffee - just without the caffeine. For selecting our decaf coffee beans we apply the same rigor as we apply to any of our other coffees. We look for sweetness, unique flavours, body and some sparkle to make the cup balanced and interesting.

Our roasting approach to decaf coffee beans

Every coffee roasts differently and nothing holds truer than roasting decaf coffee beans. Too often you may have come across decaffeinated coffee beans that are oozing oils. Not very inviting, right? Throughout the Swiss Water Process the coffee beans are soaked in water which softens the bean cell structure. The softer coffee beans absorb heat faster throughout the roasting process. And if roasted too hot or for too long, they can become noticeably oily. That’s why we apply a gentler roasting approach to our decaf coffee beans so that those tasty oils won’t leach out and your decaffeinated coffee tastes delicious.

Swiss Water Process – 100% chemical-free

We are huge fans of the Swiss Water Decaf Process. It is 100% chemical-free, environmentally friendly and retains the tasty flavours of the coffee best. The process only uses coffee, water, time and temperature to decaffeinate the coffee.

A coffee bean consists of many compounds. However, only the soluble compounds including caffeine can be dissolved by water. So, the biggest challenge is removing caffeine without removing the other tasty soluble compounds.

The Swiss Water process uses a clever ingredient - the caffeine deficient green coffee extract concentrate called Green Coffee Extract (GCE). Think of the GCE as supercharged water which is packed with the coffees’ solubles without the caffeine.

When green coffee beans are immersed in the supercharged water (GCE), which is already packed with solubles however deficient in caffeine, the caffeine moves from the coffee bean into the super-charged water. The result? Decaffeinated coffee – with all the tasty flavour minus the caffeine hit.

A sustainable coffee from certified organic coffee farms

When sourcing our coffees, we not only select the best coffees based on the unique tasting profiles, but we are also conscious of the coffee’s environmental impact. This means considering the coffees’ cultivation, harvesting and any processing undertaken at the farm.

The coffee beans of our decaf originate from certified organic farms and have arrived on Australian shores as organic certified coffee. Organic certified coffees require our farmers to have followed strict protocols in the cultivation process and not to have used any synthetic fertilisers or harmful pesticides. That’s good for you, good for the farmer and kind to the planet.

Espresso recipe for enjoying a great decaf

We’ve put these decaf coffee beans to the test and created an espresso recipe you’ll love. Ideal for drinking with or without milk. If you brew for a long black, try a 1:2.2 ratio instead of a 1:2 ratio.

  espresso recipe decaf coffee beans Grind size - Fine
Dose - 25 g
Yield - 50 g
Ratio - 1 : 2
Temperature - 93oC





Happy caffeine-free sipping!

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