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Smooth - Chocolatey - Nutty


Chocolatey chocolate taste Wild & fruity
Mild acidity low acidity coffee Bright acidity
Light roast medium roast brazilian coffee Dark roast
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Why you'll love this Brazilian coffee

This Brazilian coffee from Fazenda Pinhal is one of our customer's absolute favourites. Super smooth in the cup with yummy notes of dark chocolate, hazelnut and vanilla. Perfect for those seeking a milder, low acidity coffee that you can enjoy all day long. 

Grower / farm: Pedro Gabarra & Joao Newton, Fazenda Pinhal
Origin: Brazil, Campo das Vertentes
Processing method: Natural
Varietal: Yellow Topaz
Altitude: 1140 MASL
Farmer certifications: Rainforest Alliance
Grower relationship: Since 2017



We apply a gentle roasting approach to this Brazilian to achieve a balanced medium roast level which brings out the coffee's impressive sweet chocolate notes. We love drinking Fazenda Pinhal as espresso (super creamy and smooth), batch brew (very satisfying choc notes), plunger, stovetop and AeroPress. Enjoy with or without milk. 

Meet our coffee growers

This amazing Brazilian coffee is produced by our friends and partners – Pedro, a 5th generation coffee grower, and his father Joao Newton.

Fazenda Pinhal produces one of the best Brazilian coffee beans. Why? For once because of the continuous high quality of the coffees the farm produces, the sustainable practices and the incredible humans behind this coffee – Pedro, Joao and their team.

Fazenda Pinhal is located in the Campo das Vertentes region of Minas Gerais. Passion, dedication and progressive thinking best describe Pedro and Joao. For generations, the Newton family has been dedicated to producing high-quality specialty coffees. Today, at Fazenda Pinhal, many arabica varieties are cultivated such as Acaia, Arara, Bourbon, Catigua, red Catuai, Yellow Catucai, Red Catucai, Yellow Icatu, Red Icatu, Red Mundo Novo, Yellow Topaz in their own nursery. For years we have been a huge fan of the natural processed Yellow Topaz as one of the best Brazilian coffee beans. 

“What is essential to us is the human relationship, mutual respect, and also respect for the nature, and most of all, our passion for coffee. For me and for my family, coffee was never only coffee. For me coffee is the same as passion. Coffee is life. Coffee is movement.” – says Pedro.

Well said Pedro!

Sustainable Brazilian coffee farm

When sourcing our coffees, we not only select the best coffees based on the unique tasting profiles, we are very much conscious of the coffee’s environmental impact. Did you know the largest impact on a coffee’s carbon footprint happens throughout cultivation, harvesting and any processing undertaken at the farm. That’s why we differentiate between organic certified coffees, wild grown coffees and environmentally friendly coffees.

This coffee originates from an environmentally friendly coffee farm. Voted one of Brazil's most sustainable coffee farms, Pinhal has successfully implemented measures to mitigate the environmental impact of coffee farming. The Fazenda Pinhal preservers 50% of the farmland for forest and nature reserves, has introduced new practices to resist droughts, and since 2018 operated an aviary on site for exotic birds rescued by Brazil’s border force where they are rehabilitated back into their natural habitat on the farm’s nature reserve.

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Happy brewing!

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