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Creamy - Yellow Stones Fruits - Sweet Toffee


Chocolatey Wild & fruity
Mild acidity Bright acidity
Light roast Dark roast
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Why you’ll love this Brazilian single origin coffee 

This is hands down one of our favourite coffees. A sweet, creamy cup with delicious stewed yellow fruit notes.

Growers / Farms:

Simone Borges / Sitio Canarinho

Marcia de Jesus Souza Bourges / Sitio Nossa Senhora Aparecida

Grasiela Maris / Sitio Ouro Verde and

Pamela Borges / Sitio Sao Jose

Origin: Brazil, Mantiquera de Minas
Process: Natural
Varietal: Yellow Catuai, Yellow Bourbon
Altitude: 1100 - 1270 MASL
Grower relationship: since 2018

Meet our amazing women coffee growers

The coffee has been grown by four of our friends and talented women coffee growers of the APAS association – Simone Borges, Marcia de Jesus Souza Bourges, Grasiela Maris and Pamela Borges. After handpicking, the coffee cherries are left intact and spread out to dry in the sun, allowing the beans to draw in all the yummy fruit flavours and sweetness.

The Mantiqueira de Minas region is home to many smallholder coffee farming families and is one of the most awarded regions in Brazil due to its natural beauty, pleasant climate, fertile soils, and tradition of producing specialty coffees with surprising diverse sensory profiles.

We met all four women and their families, walked their farms, and tasted their coffees together. Over the past years we have seen these women growing in so many ways: in their skills and knowledge to improve the quality of their coffees, their undeterred passion and most of all their confidence in themselves.

Marcia de Jesus Souza Bourges / Sítio Nossa Senhora Aparecida

Marcia is one of the founding coffee growers of the project Flores em acao which sees women coffee producers of the APAS coffee association come together to produce outstanding coffees.

Marcia is the Brazilian version of a little trooper and is always up for a good challenge. True to this, she won a competition for the fastest coffee picker of Minas Gerais, Brazilian’s largest coffee producing state. Unbelievably she harvested with a hand rake 108 kilos of coffee cherries in 30 minutes!

Through hard work and a ‘never give up’ attitude Márcia and her husband established a beautiful 4 ha coffee farm and a warm family home. All coffees on the farm are harvested by hand. Márcia says: ‘Working with coffee gives us days of disappointment when coffee prices are low and we have to be artists to keep our expenses at bay. But it also provides days of happiness, especially when we produce quality coffees which are recognised making the effort worthwhile for me and my family.’

Her children Andressa and Bruno are already following in their mum’s footsteps and are producing stunning coffees with experimental processing methods.

Simone Borges, Sitio Canarinho

Meet Simone, one of the amazingly talented coffee growers of the Flores em acao project. Simone was the winner of the Brazilian national competition ‘Concurso Florada Premiada’ celebrating the best coffees produced by women farmers. Working in the coffee fields is hard and therefore making it to the top of this national competition takes passion and perseverance.

Simone comes from humble beginnings working in the sugar fields in Brazil. Together with her husband Luiz they started their coffee farm together. They still recall planting their first coffee plant. A few decades later, they are producing some of the best microlots in the region.

Every year they continue to produce even better quality. Luiz showed us with pride the purpose-built greenhouse, which houses their microlots for drying. Stepping into the greenhouse is like stepping into a sea of colour. And the fruity aromas of neatly racked microlots of Yellow Catucai, Red Catuai and Yellow Bourbon make your mouth water.

We love seeing what passion and perseverance can achieve. Amazing!

Sustainable coffee

When sourcing our coffees, we not only select the best coffees based on the unique tasting profiles, we are very much conscious of the coffee’s environmental impact. Did you know the largest impact on a coffee’s carbon footprint happens throughout cultivation, harvesting and any processing undertaken at the farm. That’s why we differentiate between organic certified coffees, wild grown coffees and environmentally friendly coffees.

This coffee originates from environmentally friendly smallholder coffee farms. This means the farms have successfully implemented measures to mitigate the environmental impact of coffee farming. These measures include hand-harvesting of coffee without the use of machinery and fossil fuels and natural processing of harvested coffee cherries preserving water resources and avoiding wastewater.

Brewing coffee at home

This coffee is roasted to a medium roast level, perhaps a touch on the lighter side of medium to let the stone fruits shine whilst bringing out the incredible sweetness of the coffee.

The roast level and sensory profile make this coffee super versatile to drink. Perfect for espresso, stovetop and AeroPress or for pour-over, batch brew and plunger coffee brewing.

A beautiful coffee with a huge story to tell. We are convinced you’ll love this one.

Happy brewing!

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