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PNG - Simbu

Creamy - Plum - Red Apple - Milk Chocolate


Chocolatey taste Wild & fruity
Mild acidity medium-high acidity coffee Bright acidity
Light roast coffee beans PNG medium roast level Dark roast
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Why you'll love this coffee from PNG

Grown by smallholder farming families in the Simbu province, these coffee beans from PNG are packed with yummy milk chocolate, sweet toffee, plum and red apple notes.

Grower: Smallholder farmer families
Origin: PNG, Highlands, Simbu
Processing method: Washed
Habitat: Shade-grown
Varietal: Mixed Arabica coffee beans
Altitude: >1600 MASL
Grower relationship: Since 2019


Discover the smallholder farmers behind the PNG coffee

This super delicious coffee from PNG originates from smallholder farmers in the Simbu province located in the rugged Highlands, home to traditional tribes living in remote villages without access to electricity, and where schools and medical services can only be reached by foot – many hours away. Most of Simbu’s population depends on subsistence farming and coffee plays an important role as it is usually the only cash crop for families.

Typically families have planted their land with coffee which is grown wild producing between 5 to 15 bags of coffee cherries per annum. Harvesting season is between May and August when the coffee cherries are picked. Most smallholder growers process their cherries to parchment coffee before selling it to the local mill for hulling, screening and exporting.

Sustainable wild-grown coffee 

When sourcing our coffees, we not only select the best coffees based on the unique tasting profiles, we are very much conscious of the coffee’s environmental impact. Did you know the largest impact on a coffee’s carbon footprint happens throughout cultivation, harvesting and any processing undertaken at the farm. That’s why we differentiate between organic certified coffees, wild-grown coffees and environmentally friendly coffees.

We refer to wild-grown coffees if they are grown without the use of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides - very much like certified organic coffees, however without the certification stamp. That's because remote smallholder farming families often don't have the knowledge, financial resources, infrastructure and supply chain to obtain organic certifications for their coffees. 


The PNG coffee beans are excellent for espresso-based beverage.  We also love brewing this PNG for stovetop and AeroPress. And also perfect for batch-brew and plunger brewing if you look for more body and comfort in your cup. Enjoy with or without milk. 

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Happy brewing!

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