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Rich - Cocoa - Hazelnut


Chocolatey Wild & fruity
Mild acidity Bright acidity
Light roast Dark roast
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Why you'll love the Bees Knees organic coffee blend

Our Bee’s Knees pulls no punches when it comes to delivering you a rich and yet juicy cup of flavours. Enjoy hazelnut, honey and peach notes, and a lingering cocoa finish

We've sourced the coffees for our Bees Knees coffee blend from organic certified coffee farms in Colombia and Ethiopia. Both coffees are washed coffees with a wonderfully balanced acidity, making your cup even more interesting. Yes, it’s the ‘Bee’s Knees’.

Behind the Bees Knees coffee blend

The philosophy behind each of our coffee blends is deeply connected with our values. Our Bee’s Knees is our organic blend. Each coffee is sourced from a certified organic farm to make your daily coffee habit a bit more sustainable and give our planet a break. 
COLOMBIA Grower / 20 smallholder farmers of the Cedro Alto Coffee Farmer Collective
Origin / Tolima, Planadas
Varietal / Mixed Arabica (Caturra, Castillo, Colombia)
Processing / Washed
Altitude / 1650 - 2000 MASL
Farmer Certification / Certified Organic
ETHIOPIA Grower / Smallholder Farmers, Oromia Coffee Farmers’ Coop Union
Origin / Oromia, Limu
Varietal / Mixed Arabica (Heirloom Cultivars)
Processing / Washed
Altitude / 1500 - 2300 MASL
Farmer certification / Certified Organic, Fairtrade

Brewing Bees Knees at home

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, or in the case of coffee in your taste buds. There is no right or wrong way, how you enjoy your coffee.

For us, we love drinking the Bees Knees coffee blend as espresso, stovetop and AeroPress. Because we roast the coffees to a medium roast level, we also enjoy drinking the coffee blend as a plunger coffee.

Enjoy with or without milk. 

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Happy brewing!

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