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Heaps Of Deep Brown Sugar Sweetness, Lime Acidity And Long Cocoa, Walnut Finish

Finca Liquidambar, San Marcos
Honey processed, Organic, Mixed Arabica Varieties (Pacas, Catuai, Icatu, Pacamara), 1530 MASL

Looking to live more sustainably? We are too. That’s why we’ve expanded our range of delicious organic coffees.

This stunning honey proceeded coffee was produced by Finca Liquidambar, a certified organic coffee farm that has pioneered new methods of producing organic coffee. It is located in the municipals of San Marcos in western Honduras, a region that is quickly developing a reputation as one of the country’s finest coffee-producing areas.

You will love this coffee’s gentle lime acidity which is balanced with plenty of sweetness and a long lingering cocoa finish.

Honey processed coffees are a hybrid between the natural and washed process. The coffee cherries were handpicked and then de-pulped, removing the skin and fruit flesh of the coffee cherry. Left is a sticky layer of mucilage surrounding the coffee bean, reminiscent of honey, hence its name. The coffee beans surrounded in the mucilage are dried between 10 – 12 days on patios and raised drying beds. The good news, honey processed coffees are also better for the environment than washed coffees. The process uses less water and results in less wastewater run-off which then would need to be recycled, purified, or disposed of.

All of the processes undertaken at Finca Liquidambar are managed using strict environmental principles. The coffee waste is re-purposed to make organic fertiliser. All water used for the processing of coffee is purified before being released back into the environment. Now that’s sustainable farming!

Loving organic coffees? Explore our range of organic coffee beans and incorporate a little sustainable habit into your daily life. And of course, 100% delicious.

Learn why organic coffees are better for you, better for our coffee farmers and better for the planet.

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