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Smooth - Dark Chocolate - Stone Fruits


Chocolatey Wild & fruity
Mild acidity Bright acidity
Light roast Dark roast
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Why you'll love Mrs. Robinson Coffee Blend

The philosophy behind each of our coffee blends is deeply connected to our values. Our MRS. ROBINSON coffee blend brings together amazing coffees produced by talented women coffee growers from around the world. Sourcing coffees directly from women means greater opportunities and a step towards a fairer coffee supply chain.

Enjoy a smooth & rich cup with heaps of yummy dark chocolate and butterscotch notes and a juicy yet balanced acidity to make your brew even more intriguing.

Behind Mrs. Robinson

A duo of mighty coffee powerhouses!

Mrs. Robinson combines two single origin specialty coffees produced by women coffee farmers from the Café Femenino Program in Peru and the women coffee growers of the ASMUCAFE grower association in Colombia.

PERU Grower / Smallholder Farmers of the Cafe Femenino Program
Origin / Peru, Lambayeque
Varietal / Mixed Arabica
Processing / Washed
Altitude / 1200-2000 MASL
Habitat / Shade grown
Farmer certifications / Certified Organic, Fairtrade
Grower relationship / Since 2018
COLOMBIA Grower / Women Coffee Growers ASMUCAFE
Origin / Colombia, Cauca, El Tambo
Varietal / Arabica (Castillio,Colombia)
Processing / Washed
Altitude / 1850-1900 MASL
Grower relationship / Since 2021

Brewing Mrs. Robinson at home

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, or in the case of coffee in your taste buds. There is no right or wrong, how you enjoy your coffee.

For us, we love drinking the Mrs. Robinson coffee blend as espresso (super rich), plunger (comforting), stovetop and AeroPress

Enjoy MRS. ROBINSON with or without milk.

Learn more about the social projects we are funding to support the Café Femenino Foundation.

Looking to send coffee as a gift? Gift Mrs. Robinson in our Home Barista gift box and share your favourite coffee with friends and family.

Happy brewing!

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