Sharing Christmas joy

Together with our partner the Café Feminino Foundation we celebrated ‘La Chocolatada’ with rural communities of Murojaga, El Najango and Corral de Piedra in the Lambayeque region and Lonya Grande, Guadelupe and San Antonio in the Amazonas region of Northern Peru.

La Chocolatada is a unique tradition where the community gets together and shares hot chocolate and panettone bread for Christmas. It is celebrated throughout the month of December and most popular in the smallest and poorest communities, where the main goal is to bring great joy to the children and their parents.

Together with the generous support of our customers, friends and families we donated 300 t-shirts, hundreds of school supplies, loads of chocolate and sweets as well as direct money donations to the Café Femenino Foundation making this Christmas a bit more special for the children and their parents. A special thanks to Jets Gymnastics for donating these amazing t-shirts.

It was incredibly humbling to share the joy and genuine gratitude of these families.

Want to get involved in the next La Chocolatada, please contact us.

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