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Coffee Gift Pack | Home Barista

Gift your favourite coffee
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Coffee gift pack for the coffee lover

Coffee is best when shared with friends and family. And with so many home baristas out there, this coffee gift set makes the perfect gift.

Simply select your favourite coffee and grind size, and we pack it in this fun and beautifully curated gift pack and ship it to the lucky home baristas in your life.

And for more brewing fun we’ve shared some of our favourite brewing recipes on the gift box.

What’s included in the coffee gift set?

  1. Beautifully curated coffee gift pack for the home barista. Note the gift pack is shipped in a recyclable outer box to protect it.
  2. 2 x 250g of your favourite coffee. You select the coffee and the grind type. And of course, all our coffees are freshly roasted. Not sure which coffee to select. We have created a coffee selection guide.
  3. Happy brewing greeting card with your personalised message.

Happy gifting.

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