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Hario V60 Range Server - 600ml in Glass


Serve your pour over in this stunningly designed beehive-shaped Hario V60 server creating the perfect coffee experience best shared with family and friends. The Hario V60 server 2 cup holds up to 600ml of brewed coffee and is made of heat resistant glass.

You will notice the Hario V60 range comes in different designs: 1 cup, 2 cup and 3 cup design. The 2 cup design can easily brew 1 – 4 cups in a single session and comes with some great brewing accessories such as a stunning Hario V60 dripper 2 cup in white ceramic and the Hario V60 2 cup paper filters.

To help you get started on your brewing journey, we have created a short educational video and some tips on how to make a delicious pour over using the Hario V60.

For the best sensory experience, use freshly roasted coffee and grind it to a fine to medium grind when using the Hario V60 dripper. Grind your whole beans at home or simply order pre-ground coffee selecting the grind type ‘Pour over’.


1 x Hario V60 Range server – 2 cup in glass holding 600ml. The 2 cup size is ideal for brewing 1 – 4 cups in a single session.

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