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Hario V60 Range Server - 600ml in Glass


Serve your pour over in this stunningly designed beehive-shaped Hario V60 range server creating the perfect coffee experience best shared with family and friends. The Hario V60 range server in the 2 cup design holds up to 600ml of brewed coffee and is made of heat resistant glass.

You will notice the Hario V60 range comes in different designs: 1 cup (01), 2 cup (02) and 3 cup (03) design. The 2 cup design can easily brew 1 – 4 cups in a single session and comes with some great brewing accessories such as a stunning Hario V60 ceramic dripper 02 and the Hario V60 paper filters 02.

Need some help brewing your pour over V60 coffee at home? We have created a brewing guide for V60 pour over coffee making for you.


1 x Hario V60 range server in the 2 cup design clear glass holding 600ml.

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