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Hario V60 Paper Filters 02 (100 Pack)


HARIO V60 PAPER FILTERS, Size 2, 100 Pack

The Hario V60 coffee paper filters size 02 are the perfect match for your Hario V60 dripper in the 2 cup design and ideal for brewing 1 – 4 cups of coffee.

Rinse your paper filter in the V60 dripper with hot water to remove any unwanted papery tastes. At the same time the hot water helps preheating your favourite cup or coffee server.

For the best sensory experience, grind freshly roasted coffee beans to a fine to medium grind size when brewing with the Hario V60 dripper. Or simply order pre-ground coffee from our coffee menu by selecting the grind type ‘Pour over’.

For more tricks and tips on how to make a delicious pour over using the Hario V60 dripper watch our V60 pour over brewing video.


100 pieces of white Hario V60 coffee paper filters in the 2 cup size. Best for brewing 1 – 4 cups in a single session.


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