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Creamy & Fruit-driven - Raspberry - Stewed Apricot - Butterscotch


Chocolatey filter coffee Brazil flavour Wild & fruity
Mild acidity filter coffee Brazil acidity level Bright 
Light roast filter coffee light roast profile Dark roast
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Why you'll love this filter coffee

You’ll love discovering this natural processed Yellow Catucai from our friend and coffee farmer Marcia. This coffee is hands down one of our favourites

We started working with the women of the APAS association in 2018 and have never looked back. Under the Flores em Acao project, women coffee producers showcase their amazing coffees. Marcia is one of the project’s founding members. Every year we have seen her coffee improve and think this one is her best one yet. Totally delicious.

Enjoy a sweet, creamy, fruit-driven cup with delicious raspberry and stewed apricot fruit notes.

Grower: Marcia de Jesus Souza Borges / Sitio Nossa Senhora Aparecida
Origin: Brazil, Mantiqueira de Minas
Processing method: Natural
Varietal: Yellow Catucai 
Altitude: 1280 MASL
Grower relationship: since 2018

Brewing Marcia's coffee at home

filter coffee Brazil brew methods

Lighter roasted coffee beans accentuate the coffee’s quality and its intrinsic sensory profile. In particular natural-processed coffees have the ability to display a diverse range of fruit notes. That’s because after the coffee cherries have been harvested, they are left intact and spread out to dry in the sun. That allows the beans inside the coffee cherries to draw in all those yummy fruit flavours and sweetness from the surrounding fruit flesh.

We roast our filter coffees for a shorter time which makes them less porous than coffee roasted to a darker roast level. This means the coffee’s solubles, the tasty bits, extract more slowly and are best suited to slower extraction methods.

We recommend drinking this Brazilian filter coffee as V60 pour over or batch brew for a cleaner cup with a lighter mouthfeel which lets the coffee flavours and acidity shine. If you are after a bigger mouthfeel, try plunger brewing.

This filter coffee is best enjoyed without milk.

Meet Marcia

Marcia is one of the founding coffee growers of the project Flores em acao which sees women coffee producers of the APAS coffee association come together to produce outstanding coffees.

Marcia is the Brazilian version of a little trooper and is always up for a good challenge. True to this, she won a competition for the fastest coffee picker of Minas Gerais, Brazilian’s largest coffee producing state. Unbelievably she harvested with a hand rake 108 kilos of coffee cherries in 30 minutes!

Through hard work and a ‘never give up’ attitude Márcia and her husband established a beautiful 4 ha coffee farm and a warm family home. All coffees on the farm are harvested by hand. Márcia says: ‘Working with coffee gives us days of disappointment when coffee prices are low and we have to be artists to keep our expenses at bay. But it also provides days of happiness, especially when we produce quality coffees which are recognised making the effort worthwhile for me and my family.’

Her coffee farm is located in the Mantiqueira de Minas region. The region is home to many smallholder coffee farming families and is one of the most awarded regions in Brazil due to its natural beauty, pleasant climate, fertile soils, and tradition of producing specialty coffees with surprising diverse sensory profiles.

A beautiful coffee with a huge story to tell. We are convinced you’ll love this one.

Happy brewing!

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