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Coffee Gift Set | Pour-Over Brewing

3 x 100g Filter Coffee & Hario Mini Brewing Set
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The perfect coffee gift set for discovering pour-over brewing

Looking for a fantastic coffee gift or wanting to discover pour-over brewing yourself? Many of us love espresso-based beverages, but have you experienced pour-over brewing yet? This pour-over coffee gift set might just be for you and got everything to get you started.

What's included in the coffee gift set?

  1. 3 x 100g sample bags of our popular filter coffees, roasted to a lighter roast level. Perfect for pour-over brewing and discovering the unique flavour nuances of the world's best coffees.
  2. A Hario metal filter paper dripper. This dripper is a variation from the traditional V60 style and was part of the original prototypes used in Hario's factory in Japan back in 1980. This metal paper dripper is a 1 cup design and is made for 1 – 2 cup brewing in a single session
  3. A Hario mini range server is made of heat-resistant glass and has a silicon rubber band attached. The range server is perfect for brewing 250ml of coffee
  4. Hario paper filter to get you started. You might have noticed, Hario paper filters come in different sizes. This is a size 1, perfect for 1-2 cup brewing.
  5. A measuring spoon with internal measurements of 8g, 10g and 12g.
  6. A gift card with your personalised note.

This coffee gift set everything to get you and your coffee-loving humans in your life started discovering pour-over brewing.

Suggested pour-over brewing recipe

  pour-over brewing recipe Grind size - Medium-Fine
Coffee - 15.6 g
Brewing Water - 250 ml
Coffee : Water ratio - 1 : 16
Temperature - 94oC






If you don’t have a grinder at home. No worries. We grind the coffees to the right grind size perfect for pour-over brewing.

And if you want to learn more on pour-over brewing, we’ve created a great tutorial video.

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