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Clever Dripper


Coffee inspired many great inventions, such as in 1908 the paper filter, in 1933 the French Press and more recently the Clever Dripper! So what’s clever about the clever dripper. It follows the so called direct immersion brewing method. Other immersion brewing methods you might be familiar with are plunger and aeropress coffees.

You simply fill your clever dripper with coffee and then add water. Let the coffee sit in the water. When you are ready to enjoy your coffee, simply place the clever dripper on top of a cup. And this is what makes the clever dripper really clever. The clever dripper will only dispense the brewed coffee once it is placed on top of a cup. That is due to its clever shut-off system. Lift the clever dripper off the cup and the flow of coffee stops instantly. Clever, isn’t it. And simple too.

Brewing coffee with the clever dripper produces a beautiful rich coffee in your cup.


1 Clever dripper in large with a 525ml brewing capacity

1 Lid

1 Coaster


Filters are not included in the clever dripper. We recommend using Filtropa Coffee Filter Paper size 4.

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