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Christmas gifts for families

Coffee + Kids Seed Kit
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Looking for a Christmas gift the whole family can enjoy? Let's grow something great together!

We teamed up with the Little Veggie Patch Co. and created a gift for the whole family. The coffee enthusiast can sip a coffee while watching the kids and the veggies grow. Yes, vegetables, berries and flowers that even your toddler can grow. Sound great, right!

Mat and Fab from The Little Veggie Patch Co. have chosen these plant varieties for their ease of germination and fast growth habits, catering to little people with short attention spans. So your kids have fun learning and can enjoy real food.

To get you started, here are some great videos from the guys from The Little Veggie Patch Co on planting seeds.

Have fun kids – young and old!

What’s included in the Christmas gift set for families 'Coffee + Kids Seed Kit'?

  1. 250g of your favourite coffee
  2. Heirloom leafy green seeds including Strawberry, Beans, Peas, Carrots and Sunflower
  3. Handy planting instructions
  4. Biodegradable propagating pots. They come in mini peat plugs when soaked in water enlarge roughly 5 times their size.
  5. Reusable plant labels
  6. Personalised greeting card
  7. All goodies are wrapped in a stylishly designed gift box that your friends will be excited to open. Note the gift box is shipped in a compostable mailer to protect it.

And, used coffee grounds are a great resource, so put them to work. Here are some ideas:

  1. Coffee grounds contain valuable nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. Add the coffee grounds to your compost pile and help it to turn into beautiful dark rich soil.
  2. Add as organic matter and improve drainage, water retention and attract earthworms.
  3. Use as worm food in your worm farm. Earthworms love it.
  4. Keeps slugs and snails away.
  5. Stops wondering kitties from using your garden as a potty.

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