Brazil has an extraordinary biodiversity in particular in the amazon region. What is little known is that more than 38 million animals are trafficked each year. The majority of illegally traded wildlife are birds. Birds seized from smugglers are generally young and many are in poor condition ie limp, injured, sick, or missing feathers. They are dehydrated, distressed, and injured from being stuffed in bags on motorbikes, stowed in storage bins or tossed in the trunk of a car in the sweltering heat.

Our friends at Fazenda Pinhal with the support of the Brazilian State Forest Institute and the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Resources have initiated the project ASAS ‘Área de Soltura de Animais Silvestres’ or simply project ‘Wings’. 172 species of birds have been identified to already live in the natural habitat at Fazenda Pinhal. Under project Wings, an aviary has been built, to house and rehabilitate seized birds before being released back to nature. The project is led by Milu Gabarra, a passionate advocate protecting wildlife and nature. This passion runs in the Teixeira-Gabarra family who have preserved 50% of their coffee farm as forest and nature reserves.

We applaud Fazenda Pinhal for their progressive and sustainable approach to coffee farming, the environment and wildlife.> And, they also produce one of the best Brazilian coffee beans. Try them out!

We are proud to be partners and privileged to call them friends.

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