Coffee touches, impacts and empowers many lives but none more so than that of Dulcineia, lovingly called Dulce. Dulce married José Paulo Borges, who at the time was a milk farmer on his father's estate where he also helped throughout the coffee harvest. Dulce encouraged José Paulo to have his own coffee farm so that they could achieve their financial independence and start a life together. And so it was through coffee that Dulce, who has had a visual impairment since her birth, found a purposeful life and a way to apply her other well defined sensory gifts.  


Whilst Dulce participates in the post-harvest processing, her talents are best applied and showcased in coffee roasting.  As a roaster, we use sophisticated roast profiling software to help us with quality and consistency throughout the roasting process and couldn’t really do without it. Not Dulce though. She has amazingly mastered roasting purely based on her non-sight senses of smell, sound and an acute ability to sense the weight loss of coffee throughout the roasting process. During our visit we had the pleasure of tasting Dulce’s roasted coffee which was absolutely wonderful. Dulce roasts, grinds and packs coffee grown and produced on Sítio Pinheirinho to generate an additional income for her family.  

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Enjoy fresh apricot aromas upfront, followed by earl grey notes and a velvety lingering finish.


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