This tiny coffee producing farm of only 1 hectare is located in the Ferreiras District of the region of Mantiqueira de Minas, Brazil.

Ana Claúdia married Johnny Borges, who came from a family of coffee growers, and was inspired by other female coffee growers and friends to step out into the limelight and showcase her own coffee. Ana Claúdia decided to produce her own microlot of 4 x 30 kilos of coffee. And we are glad she did. The result is amazing. For Ana Claúdia this coffee does not only mean generating her own income but also obtaining recognition for her skills and dedication in producing a wonderful specialty coffee which customers appreciate. Through the opportunities specialty coffee creates, she sees a future for her children to continue the line of coffee growers in her family.

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Enjoy undeniably delicious fresh yellow stone fruits upfront and in the cup, balanced acidity and honey sweetness throughout with a creamy finish.

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