Patrícia is the third generation of coffee farmers and owns and runs Fazenda Fortaleza dos Borges. The farm is planted in Mundo Novo, Catucaí and Yellow Bourbon amongst the wonderful sloping hills.

Picture: Coffee grown along sloping hills @ Fazenda Fortaleza dos Borges

Having grown up on a coffee farm Patrícia truly understands and values looking after the land and her employees. She employs 5 staff for which she provides housing.

On the farm waste is separated and recycled. 

Picture: Recycling on Fazenda Fortaleza dos Borges (red: plastic; green: organic; yellow: metal; blue: paper) 

Most of the Brazilian farms are not irrigated and rain can be very unpredictable. So the husk from coffee hulling is used for mulching. Organic composted waste and chicken manure is used as a natural fertiliser for coffee plants.

Maintaining biodiversity and aiming to be largely self- sufficient, the farm also produces various fruits and keeps chickens for eggs and cows for milk.

The coffee we bring to you is a selective harvested microlot, which has been dried on Patrícia’s drying patios in the sun under continuously turning (racking) of the coffee to achieve an even and uniform drying process.  Fazenda Fortalesa dos Borges  achieved the 3rd place in the 2018 Coffee of the Year Brazil Award.

* * *

Enjoy a delightful bowl of fresh summer berries balanced with crispy-citric undertones and a refined mouthful and finish.