We visited Meiri on her farm during our 2018 Brazilian origin trip and immediately fell in love with this inspiring woman and the amazing coffee she produces.

The Brazilian saying ‘Pau pra toda obra’ (jack of all trades) best describes Lucimeire Martin or in short ‘Meiri’. Meiri met and married Gilson Soares, the son of a coffee grower, and together they raised two sons and one daughter. Coffee has been the main source of income for the family with Meiri working on the coffee farm, raising the children, managing the household and earning a supplementary income by preparing lunches for surrounding farm workers.   

Traditionally women like Meiri have always been involved in coffee farming however she has not necessarily received recognition nor remuneration for her work. Meiri now for the first time has harvested, processed and marketed her very own coffee, which she lovingly calls ‘Meiri’s coffee’.  

Picture: Meiri and her husband Gilson

As for harvesting, Meiri decided to selective hand pick her microlot coffee, which involves manually hand harvesting only ripe coffee cherries. This is undoubtedly the most labour intense way of harvesting coffee however produces the highest quality results.

Picture: Purpose-built new drying beds for Meiri's microlots

Meiri for the first time has opened her very own bank account in her own name for the proceeds from the coffee and plans to get her very own driver’s licences. … Many firsts for Meiri! This makes us smile!!

* * *

Enjoy floral notes, yellow stonefruit with a red apple-tart acidity and roasted almonds finish.