23 Degrees is continuously striving to source and roast the best coffees from around the world and connect our customers with wonderful coffee farmers. We are also committed to source at least 50% of our coffees from women coffee producers thereby creating an opportunity to showcase their amazing talents. So we are very excited to bring six amazing microlots produced by six women coffee growers (Meiri, Márcia, Dulce, Patrícia, Adriana, Ana Claúdia) of Brazil’s APAS Cooperative to Australian shore on an exclusive basis!

In July 2018 we visited the APAS Cooperative located in the region of Mantiqueira de Minas in the Minas Gerais side of Serra da Mantiqueira, the southern part of the state of Minas Gerais. With a tradition of producing high quality coffee, Mantiqueira de Minas is considered one of the most awarded regions in Brazil. The region has earned a worldwide reputation for producing specialty coffees with a highly differentiated sensory profile. These are rare and surprising coffees, reflecting the combination of a unique terroir and the local know-how that continuously searches for excellence.

The APAS cooperative commenced a new project ‘Flores em ação’ (Flowers in action) which aims to support and advance its female members. Traditionally many women members have been involved in coffee farming as part of their coffee farming families however they have not necessarily received recognition nor remuneration for their work.  The ‘Flores em ação’ project  encourages women coffee farmers of the APAS cooperative to harvest, process and market their own microlot coffees and showcase their talent, thereby receiving the recognition and direct remuneration for their passion, dedication and skills in producing specialty coffee.

All ‘Flores em ação’ coffee has been selective harvested, picking only ripe coffee cherries. This method produces higher quality coffee with unique profiles notwithstanding it is also the most labour intense manual havesting method.

We spent three days together with these impressive women coffee farmers. We were invited into their homes learned about their journey, struggle, hopes and dreams, walked their farms and met their families. We had the opportunity to cup all coffees together with the women in Brazil and re-cupped the microlots again in Australia after they had sufficient time to rest after the harvest. We couldn’t be happier for the APAS women coffee producers. The sensory profiles of the microlots are beautiful and diverse. We decided to purchase microlots from 6 women coffee producers exclusively and bring them to Australia. 

We sincerely hope you will enjoy the coffees and the journey behind. From February 2019, we will be featuring every month one beautiful coffee from the APAS women coffee growers.