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We understand operating a café leaves you little room for errors. So we are here to help you serve your customers with deliciously crafted specialty coffees - cup after cup. You can select from our beautiful range of carefully sourced and crafted specialty coffees, and you have access to training, coffee knowledge, coffee equipment for your office, recyclable packing options, and our coffee grounds recycling program. And the best part is you become part of a fairer coffee supply chain.

Seriously good coffee

We roast fresh and deliver to your doorstep. As a wholesale specialty coffee roaster we offer a beautiful range of our specialty coffees including yummy espresso house blends, single origin espresso roasts, single origin filter roasts, women-produced coffees, and organic and decaffeinated coffee options. Those coffees not only taste great they have also been fair traded and do good through our social projects.

Working with us means we welcome you to our roastery and can even create you a custom coffee blend which perfectly suits your needs.

Training and coffee equipment

Whatever the size of your café and café menu, we can help you select and source the right coffee equipment and accessories. Based on your equipment and operating hours, we can also help you select the most appropriate service and maintenance schedule. We provide hand-on barista and brewista training for your staff to serve up the best cup of coffee. This also includes getting to know the coffee roasting process to fully understand the coffee’s journey from seed to sip and its inherent sensory profiles.

Recyclable coffee packaging

We work hard to minimise our carbon footprint and understand our customers do too. So we have implemented some programs which help you minimise waste and reduce greenhouse emissions in your cafe. We have environmentally friendly packing options in which our coffee gets delivered. Talk to us to find the option which best suits you.

Recycling of spend coffee grounds

Did you know your used coffee grounds are packed full of nutrients which are great for gardens?

We help you to divert spent coffee grounds from landfill to gardens and reduce not only waste but also greenhouse emissions. That’s great for you, great for gardens and great for the environment. Talk to us about our coffee grounds recycling program.

Get directly involved in social projects and start making an impact

Getting involved in making a positive social impact was never easier and more delicious. How? Just keep serving our coffees. We re-invest $1 of every kilo of our coffee consumed in your cafe to social projects. These projects make a real difference in our farming communities and help our farmers to keep producing the delicious coffees your customers love to drink, and we love to roast. Surely, this is great for you and great for the farmer.

Want to learn more? We’d love to hear from you.

Simply give us a call on 03 9598 4430 or send us a message.

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