We are a specialty coffee roaster with its origin and base in Melbourne. We are absolutely passionate about coffee and love crafting a beautiful cup, connecting people and sharing their stories. We roast small batches of beans which have been carefully selected and ethically sourced. All our coffee bags are hand-packed and hand-date stamped and then sent to you.

Coffee is most vibrant when sourced fresh. We therefore source seasonally a variety of high quality beans originating from the world’s best coffee growing areas. Seasonality means also that our coffees on offer vary throughout the year and you can enjoy a beautiful variety.

With our passion for coffee comes a responsibility to work towards a sustainable future for coffee farmers and the environment. We therefore source ethically, paying a fair share to farmers. Our coffees originate from farms with sustainable farming and processing methods and which support social and economic equality.

Through our SEED to SEEP to SOIL Program we offer you new ways to embrace sustainability in your everyday cup of coffee. Come and join us.

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We, at 23 Degrees Coffee Roasters, use the power of business to positively impact social and environmental change. As part of this focus we have developed a women coffee growers range, showcasing outstanding coffees from women coffee growers around the world, sharing their stories and extending a helping hand. Come and join us on this journey.

Anne Cooper, award-winning head roastress and Tina Wendel, founder and coffee entrepreneur

Anne Cooper, award-winning head roastress and Tina Wendel, founder and coffee entrepreneur

The 23 DEGREES° team wishes you HAPPY SIPPING!!


23 DEGREES° takes its name from what is known as the bean belt. Coffee cultivation wandered east and west from its humble origin in Africa, eventually forming a belt roughly bounded by the Tropics of Cancer, 23 degrees north of the equator, and the Tropics of Capricorn, 23 degrees south of the equator. Within this belt the world’s best coffee growing regions can be found - displaying moderate sunshine and rain, steady temperatures and a rich soil.


The roasting process is one of the most fascinating aspects of the entire coffees’ journey. It is here where the green coffee bean, which has hardly any taste, meets a talented and experienced roaster is transformed into an aromatic and flavoursome coffee bean.

As a specialty roaster we not only source coffees of highest quality, we also apply the utmost care in our roasting approach to maintain the inherent sweetness and unique flavours of those coffees. How do we do this? For each of our coffees we create unique roasting profiles and roast each of our coffees separately to respect each coffees individual origin, varietal and processing method which will influence moisture content and bean density. There is no textbook or automated equipment which can roast a coffee bean to its best potential. The outcome lies all in the hands of a well experienced roaster. Our roasting approach balances acidity, aroma, sweetness and body to produce a smooth, sweet cup and which appreciated the particular flavours of the bean.